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Paul Koch
Managing Partner
Modulex Greece & Cyprus

Why did you choose Modulex to start your own company?

I’ve been working in the signage and wayfinding industry for many years, and I’ve always seen Modulex as the absolute top. After I moved to Greece looking for new opportunities in signage, I learned about the Modulex Team-up program, which allowed me to finally work with the best in the market.

How would you value the support you receive from Modulex?

There’s a wealth of knowledge and experience at Modulex and all its people and partners worldwide. There is always somebody willing to share or cooperate in challenging projects.

What is the most significant advantage of being a Modulex Team Up?

Being part of a global company and now having many knowledgeable colleagues all over the world. To have a trustworthy, experienced partner as a small local company is essential.

Would you recommend Modulex Team Up to others wanting to start or grow their signage business?

Yes! I am doing this actually, which already resulted in a new Team-up member in a neighbouring country, giving more opportunities to collaborate and grow as individuals and the Modulex team.

How has Team Up helped you shape your business life around your own lifestyle?

With team members worldwide and different time zones, it is easier to be flexible with working hours, contributing to a healthier, balanced lifestyle.

Would you recommend Modulex expertise, technical support, accounts and marketing to others?

Absolutely. I have not experienced a more professional company in my 25+ years career. Modulex is a solid and inspirational partner at your side.