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Founded in 1963 by the LEGO group, Modulex has been an industry leader in the signage, visual communication, and brand implementation business for 58 years. We know a thing or two about the industry and are exceptional at what we do.

Our multi-national group with five factories globally and presence in over 300 cities across 45 countries gives us infinite reach and the ability to meet our customers’ demands.  Our signage and graphic solutions represent the best product and design from public to private, local to global.


Modulex has evolved with the signage and visual communication industry for over five decades. Our team is industry-leading experts with a wealth of experience in the signage manufacturing and implementation world. Our design concepts are brought to life by our team in one of our five production plants worldwide. Our edge – not only do we dream; we build it, which makes us different.

Doesn’t that sound like the kind of team you can see yourself a part of?


Starting a business is the dream of so many, but few take the chance. We understand that there is so much uncertainty in today’s new world, and we want to ensure you are confident about the decision you make and the support you will receive. The Modulex Team-Up program is not a fit for everyone, but perhaps it is for you. Suppose you have a background in design, architecture, graphics, or are a small creative agency looking to expand your scope and have an entrepreneurial spirit, like pina colada’s, and getting caught in the rain. In that case, we might be perfect for each other.


Our program is only as good as the support we offer you. In addition to using the Modulex brand, you will get access to collateral, operational, online resources, training, and marketing to help you succeed. On top of this, our Team-Up program is the most competitive license model in the signage industry.

We don’t like to brag, but we are a pretty good catch. Here is what we can offer you. See the Team-Up program benefits next!




As a Team Up member, you will be part of our overall global marketing strategy and have individual support to help your business get known. We will create a regionalized brand for you in addition to your subsite on We will feature your location and any implementation you like on social media and deploy professionally branded emails to your database upon request. Other marketing services are available to you for an additional fee, should you want a more robust local marketing campaign.



Teaming up with us means you have access to many business development tools to help you hit the ground running! In our magic trunk, we have all manner of tried and tested business development tools. We will give you access to branded proposals, presentations, white papers, case studies and training documents. We also have a global team that is always happy to provide you with advice and share experiences.



The Team Up program’s first step will be to start your virtual training with our factory in Billund, Demark. You will learn all about our process and products, how to use the WOT (web ordering tool) and get an immersion into the company. The Team in Denmark has had extensive years of experience in the signage implementation world. It will help you with product knowledge to sell with confidence.

If you decide that you would like a tour of our factory in Billund, let us know, and we can arrange it.



As a Team Up, one of the most significant assets you will get access to is SignAgentTM. This convenient, user-friendly platform streamlines wayfinding and signage projects from start to finish.

SignAgentTM is a cloud-based, all-in-one wayfinding and signage project management platform. It gives you complete control of your projects through their entire life cycle. Whether designing a signage system for a health care facility, office building, stadium, or university campus, SignAgentTM allows you to complete your work with accuracy and efficiency.


ShopVox Logo TeamUp

ShopVOX is an easy-to-use online software that helps the Modulex Team manage the business quickly, efficiently and in one place. As a Team Up member, you will have access to shopVOX to help save time, eliminate mistakes, grow your revenue. shopVOX enables you to manage orders, quotes, invoices, sales, leads and more!


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As a Team Up partner, you will receive a license for an Office 365 license that includes the desktop and mobile versions of Office apps: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. You can also keep connected with everyone in the Modulex Group using Teams and SharePoint.



The Web One Tool – internally known as WOT, is a portal into our Billund, Denmark factory. It will give you access to news, pictures, product datasheets, pricing, and other functionality. You will be able to place your Billund orders here and track their progress.



Who doesn’t like free promotional items? We will set you up with a starter kit of fun things. You can expect business cards, product samples, and some other branded products to give to your clients. 



Giacomo Quaglia

Managing Partner, Modulex Italy

Why did you choose Modulex to start your own company?

I was introduced to Modulex in 1984 (I was 10) when an uncle of mine brought Modulex to Italy with the first modular signage system with “LEGO letters”.

In 2003 I started working for the company that marketed Modulex in Italy. I remember being fascinated by the beauty, precision and simplicity of the products I sold.

In 2018 I started my new adventure by opening my company with the dream of one day becoming Modulex Italy. So the answer to your question is simple: I chose Modulex because it is synonymous with success, precision, design, group, exclusivity for me.

How would you value the support you receive from Modulex?

INCREDIBLE, starting from the CEO to all his collaborators, my colleagues, they are fantastic they always manage to transfer the best solution to my questions, making me feel an essential part of the team.

What is the most significant advantage of being a Modulex Team Up?

Dealing with top people who know how to manage branding plans all over the world.  For brand implementation plans in Italy, I can get advice from a project manager in Canada, who has a helping hand in Colombia, who produces in Denmark. What can be more global?

Would you recommend Modulex Team Up to others wanting to start or grow their signage business?

Sure, if they want to be part of a winning group. Modulex is the right group if you’re going to grow personally, professionally and be able to face increasingly ambitious challenges with the certainty of overcoming them with the help of everyone.

How has Team Up helped you shape your business life around your own lifestyle?

I have always been used to working without looking at the clock or the calendar and being proud of the brand I represent, especially now that I am 100% part of it.

Would you recommend Modulex expertise, technical support, accounts and marketing to others?

Yes! They are all ready to answer my questions in a kind and professional way. Modulex Group is a big family.

Paul Koch

Managing Partner, Modulex Greece & Cyprus

Why did you choose Modulex to start your own company?

I’ve been working in the signage and wayfinding industry for many years, and I’ve always seen Modulex as the absolute top. After I moved to Greece looking for new opportunities in signage, I learned about the Modulex Team-up program, which allowed me to finally work with the best in the market.

How would you value the support you receive from Modulex?

There’s a wealth of knowledge and experience at Modulex and all its people and partners worldwide. There is always somebody willing to share or cooperate in challenging projects.

What is the most significant advantage of being a Modulex Team Up?

Being part of a global company and now having many knowledgeable colleagues all over the world. To have a trustworthy, experienced partner as a small local company is essential.

Would you recommend Modulex Team Up to others wanting to start or grow their signage business?

Yes! I am doing this actually, which already resulted in a new Team-up member in a neighbouring country, giving more opportunities to collaborate and grow as individuals and the Modulex team.

How has Team Up helped you shape your business life around your own lifestyle?

With team members worldwide and different time zones, it is easier to be flexible with working hours, contributing to a healthier, balanced lifestyle.

Would you recommend Modulex expertise, technical support, accounts and marketing to others?

Absolutely. I have not experienced a more professional company in my 25+ years career. Modulex is a solid and inspirational partner at your side.


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