Sign Systems For A Sustainable Design


In recent years, the need for sustainable signage has rapidly grown to match the number of sustainable builds across North America. At Modulex we have developed daily practices to match these ecological needs, we are committed to environmental responsibility and the manufacturing of products that have a low impact on our planet. We strive to provide our clients with signage solutions that best meet their demands while striving for environmental responsibility.

We stress the importance of sustainability in all of our wayfinding systems, which is evaluated through three major categories:

Program Longevity – First, our process considers opportunities to ensure longevity and cost-effectiveness. Our experience provides us with an understanding of client needs and challenges. Our process ensures that wayfinding programs are easily adaptable to change, growth, extension and the stresses of a busy public environments.

Social Sustainability – Second, we seek to ensure that programs are socially sustainable, or that the wayfinding program will endure in its relevance to users now and in the future with regards to engagement, diversity, universal accessibility and the ability to reflect change in the physical environment. We aim to ensure that elements which enhance the user experience today will do so long into the future.

Environmental Responsibility – While signage doesn’t directly qualify for LEED points, steps can be taken to honour LEED intent. Our process considers the entire life cycle of a project in how it impacts end users and the people who maintain it. We help to ensure that components are designed to be updated, re-purposed or recycled and never destined for a landfill.

MG 9607finalL

Using digital technology to display highly dynamic information at Humber River Hospital instead of traditional signage, can be an excellent way to minimize waste and protect the environment.

IMG 6599

The clean and simple graphic language of the signage and wayfinding program for Royal Alexandra Hospital helps to ensure that the design remains contemporary long into the future.

13 Feb20 047

The modular construction of the wayfinding and identity signage for Ryerson University allows them to adapt, manage and maintain their sign program no matter how their facilities evolve.